Date Survival

Learning to be single in a married world

First impressions are everything when a new man comes into your life! Here are a few warning signs that may indicate trouble in the future. Of course there is no guarantees he isn't the man of your dreams...but if he seems to be showing signs of too many of the items on this may want to consider running!

Out of a long term serious relationship less than one year.
Could indicate potential unresolved baggage.

"Temporary living conditions" that seem more long term.
If he refers to his home as transitional but doesn't seem to be leaving any time soon--
he could have potential commitment issues. 

Divorced less than a year but "over it."
Can you say denial? (See the first red flag)

Not very reachable by phone.
Hidden wife? Control freak?

Talks about falling in love with you within the first two weeks.
Things that burn that hot, burn out just as fast.

Financially secure, over 30, and living with his parents.

Can you say momma's boy?

Within the first month says--"What are you thinking?"
Is he nuts? Only WOMEN do that!

Unstable job history.
Is he climbing the corporate ladder or hanging out in the unemployment line?

Calls you drunk in the middle of the night in the first month.

Can you say immature?

Makes a huge point of telling you he isn't "like other guys."
Odds are he's probably worse! 


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