1. He gives you minimal detail about what he does when you aren't together.
  2. His phone habits are inconsistent. He'll call you three days in a row and then not call you for four.
  3. He never talks about or shows signs of any genuine emotion.
  4. He doesn't seem concerned with what you do when he's not around.
  5. He will only see you on weeknights.
  6. He doesn't plan full dates. He just invites you over to "hang out."
  7. He doesn't see you on major "date" holidays like New Year's Eve and Valentine's Day.
  8. You get "unemotional" birthday gifts like Gift Certificates, home appliances and car care kits.
  9. He is hesitant to join you at any family functions.
  10. He won't introduce you to his friends or family.
  11. He tells you how much he loves his life just the way it is.
  12. He's overly critical of other relationships--painting images of those involved being "trapped" or "whipped."
  13. All he ever seems to want to do is fool around.
  14. He doesn't show any concern for you as a friend.
  15. He tells you about all the other women he's dating.


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